Graphhene InfoTech- About US

Why Graphhene?

Graphhene InfoTech Graphhen InfoTech- A creative Digital Agency

We are a perfect blend of art & science.

Analysis and Philosophy, Computer and Pencils,
Rational and Emotional.

Be it market analysis or telling stories with the magic of words and images.

At Graphhene, we work with both minds to give you the best of both worlds.

Graphhen InfoTech- A creative Digital Agency

Our Philosophy


The Psychology of Simplicity.

The human mind is lazy. We like things that are easy and stay away from things that require effort.

What we do?

Simplicity is our highest goal. We make things that are easily understood by everyone.


The Psychology of

We're naturally attracted to beauty. We can't help it. It's in our nature. Beauty calms our mind and touches the heart.

What we do?

We make things on the screeen look so beautiful, you will want to touch them, hug them and kiss them.


The Psychology of Uniqueness.

Our brain acts as a filter and protects us from too much information. We only notice what's different and unique.

What we do?

We give you a touch of uniqueness that's mysterious and raise prospect's interest. We make you 'COOL'.

We create digital experiences.

We are a bunch of crazy independent thinkers who are very, very passionate about what we do.

Meet Our team

Founder, philanthropist and a man you can trust.

Graphhene Infotech's Founder



Director, IT operation head and a geek known among friends as ‘Mr. Computer'.

Graphhene Infotech's Director



CEO, finance manager and a business innovator.

Graphhene Infotech's CEO



He the super glue that holds everyone together. Our manager with a heart of chocolate cake.

Raj At Graphhene InfoTech


Assistant Manager

She’s our cosmic gypsy. Strict, mellow and a constant source of happiness. As the HR manager, she knows how to deal with humans as a human.

HR Manager at Graphhene InfoTech


HR Manager

Shopaholic, foodie & a music lover, she works her charms under shadows of silence to recruit the best people in the business.

Recruiter At Graphhene InfoTech



Our very own IT guy. When a computer goes he rips them apart.

IT Head At Graphhene InfoTech


IT Head

A badminton enthusiast, and a man who can sell you needles to alien spaceship headlamps.

Gaurav At Graphhene InfoTech


General Manager - Sales
Nitin Jaiswal at Graphhene InfoTech


Sales Manager

Thinker and a creative designer with an eye for detail. He creates websites with personalities you’ll fall in love with.

UI/UX Designer at Graphhene InfoTech


UI / UX Designer

She’s a bundle of joy who dances like a bee and types like machine gun. Our chatterbox wordsmith with a twist.

Content Writer At Graphhene InfoTech


Content Writer

Writer and an explorer. He philosophizes reason and logic into meaningful stories.

Creative Head At Graphhene Infotech


Creative Head

He’s just not a designer but an artist. He has the power to convert ideas into living and breathing reality.

Graphic Designer At Graphhene InfoTech


Graphic Designer

Our business strategy builder. He’s the man who knows Google and stuff.

Tech Lead in Graphhene Infotech


Tech Lead

He’s our motorcycle gangster. Digital marketing expert who loves reading and playing cricket.

Digital Marketing Team Leader at Graphhene InfoTech


Digital Marketing Team Leader

SEO expert, blogger and the guy who knows what’s trending.

Sr. Seo Executive at Graphhene InfoTech


Sr. SEO Executive

We call her queen Cleopatra. She’s got simple rules with no nonsense attitude: Listen, identify, validate and synthesize.

Sr. SEO Executive at Graphhene InfoTech


Sr. SEO Executive

A deep over-thinker. She loves exploring her work and new places.

SEO Executive in Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

Painter, SEO expert and our newsman.

Seo Executive in Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

She’s our leggy with a matching intelligence. She sings and crafts things out of thin air.

Seo Executive in Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

He works and plays badminton like a pro. Courageous young man with lot to prove.

Seo Executive in Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

She’s quiet and resourceful. A sensitive girl who loves books and music.

SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

Cricket runs in his blood and his work. He’s the SEO game changer who hits every campaign for a six!

SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive

He wanted to drive trains but video game does it for him. The lanky one that runs SEO like the Terminator on a mission.

SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive
SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive
SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Trainee
SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Trainee
SEO Executive At Graphhene InfoTech


SEO Executive
Web Designer in Graphhene InfoTech


Web Designer

Romance Novel is her thing. She lives by the motto of simplicity in the life and work.

Web Designer in Graphhene InfoTech


Web Designer

The quiet one who loves learning and reading.

Graphhene InfoTech's Team


Web Developer

He makes android look like child’s play. Our lone ranger, works in the day and counts stars at night.

Software Developer at Graphhene InfoTech


Software developer

The apple geek who plays chess and measures the internet.

iOS Developer At Graphhene InfoTech


iOS developer